Monday, 5 November 2012

Dinner is the new breakfast - AIP Day 1

Well today is my official start day for my 30 day AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) challenge.  I actually started yesterday (apart from my morning almond milk coffee), and I am sitting here now drinking another cup of coffee (almond milk, half strength) because I have a killer headache* (coffee withdrawal I think) and I'm over it.  Hopefully I can skip the coffee tomorrow, but I'm not worried if it takes a few days of needing a weak-strength cup...rather that than suffer these headaches! 

So, what am I eating then??  Well, with nuts & eggs off the menu, and milk & cereal a thing of the past...what does breakfast look like? 

Well...I know this is going to sound weird to most people, but actually, it pretty much looks like lunch & dinner.  Strange as it may sound, the so-called breakfast foods most people can't imagine living without are a pretty recent invention of the cereal industry (which is a HUGE money making business BTW!).  If you buy into their advertising (and most people do), you'd pretty much think they are an essential part of a healthy diet (they absolutely are NOT!). 

In the late 1800's machines that flaked cereal grains were invented and the first breakfast cereals were born.  Over time they began to add sugar & flavourings, learned how to 'puff' the grains and then later turn them into all sorts of different 'fun' shapes, and aimed their (massive amounts of) advertising at kids and their busy parents, and then they pretty much took over the world!  Of course, bread & porridge (oatmeal) have been around for a lot longer than that (since the agricultural revolution, thousands of years ago). 

In traditional cultures people always just ate the same sort of stuff at breakfast as they did at the other meals of the day.  So, that's pretty much what I'm doing!  And, you know, I am actually totally fine with having dinner leftovers for breakfast...I kind of like it actually!  Much quicker than my usual bacon and eggs or hemp protein smoothie (and I SO need more time in the mornings!).

So, what did I eat today?

Breakfast this morning was left over savoury mince and lacto-fermented ginger carrots wrapped in Cos lettuce with a little EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) washed down with half a cup of Beet Kvass

   Beet Kvass (before straining)
Lunch was chicken-bone-broth & vege soup, more left over mince and a 1/4 cup of ginger carrots.

Lacto-fermented ginger carrots
Dinner (haven't actually had it yet, it's only 1.45pm) will be some kind of meat and salad (very organised aren't I?!) with lots of EVOO. I will have a glass of water kefir with dinner and will probably also have half a green apple and/or a small handful of frozen blueberries for 'dessert' (I admit, I'm missing my 85% Chocolate here, but I sleep better for not having it). 

No snacks...I actually don't need them hunger-wise, I've just been in the bad habit of scoffing multiple handfuls of nuts randomly in between meals (gee I wonder why I put on those extra 3kgs?!).

I'm aiming to have a good amount of protein at each meal, some carbs from vegetables and plenty of fat (EVOO, coconut oil & natural animal fats).  My total  daily carbs yesterday were about 65 (will be pretty much the same today, but I can't be bothered calculating it), so reasonably low, but not very ketogenic.  I find I do pretty well with about 50-100 grams of carbs per day.  I'm also incorporating some GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) diet principles to help heal my digestive system, by making sure I have lacto-fermented foods at every meal (beet kvass, water kefir, ginger carrots and sauerkraut mostly) and having at least one cup of chicken or beef bone broth.

Drinks: Lots of ginger & lemon tea (grated ginger & lemon slices seeped in boiling water), licorice root tea, beet kvass, water kefir & filtered water.  All very good for digestion & gut healing.

Sleep:  Last night I had about 7.5 hours (tried to go to sleep at 9pm, but the noisy fireworks keep me awake for nearly an hour).  Also, just got my new sleep-mask & earplugs on the courier this morning - yay! 

Exercise: 20 Minute Kettlebell workout with hubby at 6am & 35 minutes low-intensity stationary bike.

Calories: I was going to use MyFitnessPal to calculate all my calories, carbs & fat etc during my challenge, but I decided I can't be bothered...yesterday was about 1550 calories and I don't see how I'll get it up too much higher after cutting so much out of my diet! That's probably at least 500-700 calories less than I usually eat daily.

Well, that's it for now, must go and finish the housework & figure out what we're having for dinner!  

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to leave a comment (if you have one!).

x Andrea 

* The coffee did NOTHING to relieve my headache, so I won't bother compromising my AIP with it tomorrow!

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